5 of the best videos on 3D printing


3d printing prosthetic coversIn the past few years, a number of videos about 3D printing have emerged.  Some just show the machines in action. Others tell a human story in connection with 3D printing.  Here is the first of my five selections of some of the better videos that have come out.

1. Designing confidence

Scott Summit has a brilliant vision—to help amputees feel more whole.  I first saw his work on TED talks.  In 2012, his company, Bespoke Innovations was acquired by 3D Systems.  In this video, he shares how it all began and how it helps others.  An engineer, he demonstrates the very best kind of engineering—helping a segment of the population in more than just technical ways.



2. 3D Printed Steampunk Themed 28-Geared Cube

I love out-of-the-box thinking.  And the more convoluted the better.  This simple video is a nice example of out-of-the-box design and a 3D printer’s ability to print complex objects without assembly.  Who needs a cube with 28 gears?  Does anyone care? This design is just plain cool.  I want one. On each side of the cube are 7 gears: 2 large outer ones that move in opposite directions. The outermost gear has handles on it so it can be easily rotated, the motion between the 2 large cogs is reversed due to 5 smaller gears set within the cube in a similar layout to a planetary gearbox to reverse the gear’s direction on each of these 4 faces. Each of these sets of gears on the  faces are all linked through the big gear on each of the  faces meshing at 90 degrees with the big gear on each of the 2 neighboring sides. This means that if any one gear is spun, they all spin. It’s available for $90 from Shapeways.


3. The World’s First Fully Articulated 3-D Printed Gown
Yes, the result is “hot.” But aside from that, this is just another amazing example of what 3D printing can do. The “first articulated 3D printed gown” is 3D printed “material” that is jointed to move and flex with wearer. The gown was designed by Michael Schmidt with architect Francis Bitonti and printed by Shapeways for burlesque icon Dita Von Teese.



4. 3D Printed Flute
This is a classic video, one of the earlier ones to showcase the ability to print in multiple materials. And, on top of that, the flute actually makes pretty good music. The video has a nice display of a printer in action too.



5. 3D printed magic arms
For many engineers, this touching story shows why they went into engineering in the first place–to help solve a problem. This video went viral last year. The engineers were able to use 3D printing to develop a prosthesis that helps a young girl with a medical condition use her arms.
As the engineer involved noted, the needs of the prosthetic industry match so well with the abilities of 3D printing because everything must be custom.


What are some of your favorites?

Leslie Langnau

3 Comments on “5 of the best videos on 3D printing

  1. Just yesterday I lamented the boring presentation (15 minutes without video but a handful of dull slides and her own flat-voiced narration) by Leslie Langnau of Make Parts Fast on the future of additive manufacturing – however I hasten to point out that the insight and details she shared there were spot-on and truly informative. And this chaser with a collection of 5 videos more than made up for it. Thanks to ‘Make Parts Fast’ and hope you guys will keep up the good work !

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