3D Printing Design Guide

What Is 3D Printing?

You have multiple choices when it comes to building a part layer by layer. Which choice is right for your application? Leslie Langnau, managing editor of Design World and editor of MakePartsFast.com, has written the 3D Printing Design Guide. This guide reviews various topics related to 3D printing and the many ways you can build objects layer by layer.

Make Parts Fast Editor Leslie Langnau...

has assembled a design guide on the basics of 3D printing. Topics include:

How to determine 3D printing speed

The basics of laser sintering

How electron beam melting works

DLP 3D Printing and Stereolithography

Leslie Langnau - Editor, Make Parts Fast

Leslie Langnau is the managing editor at Design World and the editor of www.MakePartsFast.com. She has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and 30 years experience as a technical writer. Her areas of focus include additive manufacturing, the Internet of Things, materials, mechanical and other topics. 

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