Homeland Security looks to 3D printing


200px-US_Department_of_Homeland_Security_Seal.svg_1It looks like the Homeland Security department is also exploring how 3D printing/rapid prototyping can help them. The Science and Technology Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security recently issued a request for information about rapid prototyping technology.

Present users know that 3D printing and rapid prototyping speeds the product development process as well as delivers several cost efficiencies. Well, it looks like some departments in the Government will come to understand these benefits too as they explore 3DP’s potential. The Homeland Security department is exploring 3DP’s use in U.S. border and maritime security, chemical/biological defense, cyber security, resiliency and first responder projects.

One project for this department will be a surveillance camera in a laboratory model. The department is looking for “a potential performer to use the technology to improve the design, test it and bring it to the market.”


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